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The colmiane tyrolienne zipline

You dream of flying ? The biggest tyrolienne in France is at la Colmiane

A sensational attraction

In winter as in summer, La Colmiane station offers :

A giant tyrolienne, that lets you fly over the skiing area in total safety, at a maximum speed of 130 km/h.
With a total length of 2 663 metres, this tyrolienne is made up of two sections :
Section 1 between the arrival of the Pic chair lift and an intermediate platform on the north-west slope of the Petit Conquet : 1879 m
Section 2 between the intermediate platform and the station : 784 m

Characteristics to take your breath away

Depart 1776 metres of altitude (105 m of flying height*) and arrive at 1489 metres, that’s a change of altitude of nearly 300 metres.
An average slope of 13,5% for section 1 and 6,5% for section 2.
An average descent time of 1 minute 49 seconds with an average speed of 120 km/h on the first section.
Possibility to come down alone or as a pair, lying down.


35 € / per person
possibility of solo or duo (single Tarif per person)

Conditions of access

Customers will have to use the Pic chairlift after having got their ticket from the cashier.

For individual descents : Maximum weight 120 Kg. 
Access to children from 12 years up and weighing more than 35 Kg

For double descents : Authorised for children over 8 years and whose weight is over 30 Kg. For children between 8 and 11 years, an adult over 18 must accompany them.

Access is restricted to people whose weight is over 30 Kg and less that 90 Kg. The difference in weight between the two people must be less than 40 Kg and the toal weight must be less than 150 Kg.
These limits may be adjusted according to weather conditions. 

For safety reasons, the operator reserves the right to suspend descents.

Equipment :
Summer season : It is recommended that you bring clothes suitable for mountain conditions (Sweat shirt, K-Way, Closed shoes, and avoid short shorts …).
Winter season : Remember to bring warm clothes (Ski wear, gloves, boots or mountain shoes…)
The station will supply the following :
Skull caps

Not permitted :
Pregnant women and people of reduced mobility.

Information and reservations

Information /
Reserve your time on  our ticket site (8 people per 30 minute slot) and pay online.
Go to the cash desks of the col de La Colmiane to get your tickets 30 mins before the start of your chosen time.
Take the chairlift then present yourself at the start tower after you’ve been kitted out.
Then take your thrill laden flight.