Stade Biathlon

Come and find out about the queen of Winter Olympics activities

The Boréon centre nordique, famous for its icefall and its Nordic snowshoe walking circuits is also a sports ground for biathletes. 
Thierry, the ESF, a monitor with full national certificate in cross country Nordic skiing (they’re very rare !), or indeed the Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Club organise and supervise the activities – for all levels. The key season for the Biathlon is of course Winter but even so the biathlon doesn’t really have a season ! 
Champions present and future can train in summer. 
Practising the biathlon is done with optical rifles and timing chips. No real bullets, It’s a recent technology used in the modern Olympic penthathlon in the Rio Games. 
How do you get into it ? Thierry shares the fact that « it’s better to be on skis at least once but often people start off by shooting during a run".

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