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Parc Alpha

In the Mercantour range, the wolf is truly a legendary animal. Situated between 1500 metres and 1800 metres high, the Alpha Park invites the rambler at any season to get involved in the life of three wolf packs. It’s time to find out for yourself the way the wolves live from the shelter of hides specially created for observation.

In the central zone of the Mercantour park, the wolves live in semi-liberty next to newer residents, the chamois and several hares that are normally hard to see so well in the wild.

In summer, a unique falconry display puts you right back in mediaeval times, whilst the little ones will be fascinated by the little educational farm run by Marie, the granddaughter of' Auguste, two characters you’ll discover in one of the three 3 special stagings.

These show objectively, 3 takes on the presence of the wolf in the Mercantour : 
That of Bastien the wolf hunterr, 
that of Jean the ethnologist and father of Marie,
and finally that of Auguste the shepherd and his granddaughter Marie hoping to take on the flock later.

Every day the park is open, the presenter carers explain the life of the packs to visitors and show the behaviour of each wolf from the time it is weaned. The parc Alpha also makes it possible for some people to achieve their dream : to become a carer for a day. Alongside the park professionals, the day carer takes on the rôle of an animal care technician and is able to observe the wolves from close up. A snack and a picnic area will ensure that you spend a wonderful day at parc Alpha. 

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Parc Alpha

3 wolf packs to watch

The Boréon pack, the Erps and the Pelago


Various hares and chamois

Come and see them too in the Parc Alpha

3 stories

Both fascinating and educational, these three shows tell the story of the relationship between man and wolf.


The little farm provides creative workshops for children and return to past times for their parents

Eating spots and accommodation and others activities

In the center of Boréon