Roquebillière Spa

Known for its properties since Roman times, Roquebillière’s sulpherous waters made the reputation of the village. In the XIXth century, Roquebillière became a major tourist venue and its spa became fashionable. The Spa takes its name from the plateau on which it’s built: the plateau of Berthemont, situated 1000m high and 7 km from the centre of the village. The chemical composition of its natural waters, rich in sulphur, sodium, silica and trace elements makes Berthemont- les-bains a preferred destination for people taking the waters and for all lovers of well-being.

The thermal waters of Berthemont-les-bains

A 4.500m2 complex dedicated to health and well-being. Two therapeutic options are available there: the treatment of respiratory tracts and rheumatology, the thermal station also benefits from the a mountain climate that is particularly favourable, being sheltered from both dust and pollen allergies. The combination of water and air also supports feelings of well-being and comfort. The water at Berthemont-les-bains arrives naturally from Mercantour’s crystal rocks at a temperature of 29°C. The sulphurous waters act on painful inflamed joints ; the sulphurous sodium waters are recommended for chronic ENT and lung infections. The station also has pools, a spa and relaxation areas. The restaurant « Le Panorama » is aptly named and offers a spectacular view over the mountains and valley.
More info on the Valvital site.

Biological swimming pool

At the centre of the village and benefitting from its reputation, Roquebillière has a 1200m2 organic artificial lake. A real oasis of cool at the heart of the valley, far from the summer heat, this pool, completely filtered by plants, lets you relax in a haven of contentment, surrounded by a protected landscape.
Open from : the 16th June to the 2nd September 2018.

Activities and services on offer :
- Swimming pool 1200 m², the only biological artificial lake in the Département with a closed circuit water treatment system enabling it to avoid the usual swimming pool treatments (chlorine, ozone, ultra violet).
- A grass surround.
- Games area for children.
- Sports course of 1,4 km.
More info from the Office du tourisme in Roquebillière : 04 93 02 03 84.

Min. 500m
Max. 2045m

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