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Lantosque - Via Ferrata


Dominating the Vésubie, astride its rock, it’s Pretty Lantosque, with its proud belltower» : the first couplet of the «Lantosquoise» explains the picturesque situation of this mountain village perfectly spread out over its rocky outcrop, in the middle of the Vésubie valley . Not far from the village are the hamlets of Loda, St Colomban and especially Pelasque, from where you can see wonderful panoramas over the Vésubie gorges.
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To reach us by car :

1h from the 'autoroute A8, "La Provençale".

Leave at Nice St Isidore (exit 52) join Route Nationale RN6202 towards Digne for 18 Km

At the exit from the village of Plan du Var : turn right : Route Départementale D2265, Vallée de la Vésubie.
Then for 32 Km, cross the gorges of the Vésubie and cross the villages and hamlets of Cros d'Utelle, St Jean la Rivière, Le suquet, to arrive at Lantosque, The via Ferrata starts in the village.

To reach us by car :

Paris, Lyon, Nice : autoroutes A6, A7, A8 and RN 6202 
Paris, Mâcon, Bellegarde : autoroutes A6, A43, A48, A51 and N85 and N6202 
Italy : Fréjus Tunnel

Info routes : info direct from the Centre Régional 
Méditéranée : www.bison-fute.equipement.gouv.fr 
Info autoroutes : www.autoroutes.fr 
Road conditions : Consulter the DDE site for Vésubie sector


The canyons of lantosque via ferrata

The Lantosque Via-ferrata offers another original point of view on the villages and gorges, with 3h30 of progress in a tropical atmosphere. Wit hits cliffs, its rope bridges, its tyrolienne zipline and above all its 100 metre long final footbridge, it makes its presence felt as the region’s most beautiful Via-ferrata.

The Canyons of Lantosque Via Ferrata

A section very easy for beginners over a little Riou of transparent green water with little bridges beams and bars along a mossy cliff. Not very high (about 10 metres) and a large crossing. Perfect initiation to the via ferrata.

The suspended rock

Le Riou and the trail then join the Vésubie. A Trail of savage beauty and tropical in ambiance. Canyoning in a gorge full of moss and tropical ferns.

The Vésubie gorges

A few rope bridges above the torrent to stir the emotions. A pretty view over an old aqueduct then a strong climb along a big vertical. Then arriving right on top of the village with a very short walk to return your material.

Departure point at 500 metres high and arrival at 500 metres. No change in level.

Difficulty level : 3 parts : F - AD - D
Length : 950 metres


Price : 7€ / person. Tarif works groups (CE) 6€