Station de trail® of la Vésubie

A natural site for running in the superb scenery of the middle and high mountains

In the heart of the high country of the Alpes-Maritimes, the Haute Vésubie and Valdeblore are recognisable by their unique form with their tangled profusion of summits and rock faces lying between 1500 and 3000 m culminating in le Gélas (3143 m).
    Once Spring arrives, these very steep slopes, in part protected by the Mercantour National Park and the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime have a character all their own that has long appealed to those adept at trail, - a nature course run autonomously over many tracks and paths.
    The courses in these high valleys are of superb quality ; framed by the conifer forests that enclose the valleys and the alpine grass that cover the last slopes up to the summits.
    Inaugurated in 2012 among the first French Stations de Trail® to be recognised, the Station here in the Vésubie offers signposted routes in loops of varying levels of difficulty. These circuits appeal to a novice as well as to true experts, to tackle trips that combine rolling tracks with tough climbs and technical sections surrounded by a wild and unexpected landscape.
   Trailers can let themselves go, running on circuits according to their fitness level with several longish climbs and descents, interspersed with undulating crossings. It’s possible for them to work the uneven areas over short distances, muscular reinforcement in training and then to perfect their technique over the hiking-course on the stronger climbs whilst crossing the valleys, passes and crests of this exceptional natural and cultural heritage.
    The search for variety in the routes, the profiles and wild scenery shouldn’t obscure the technical difficulties of making progress in high mountain territory where you have to learn to master your objective by choosing one that suits your own capacities and then go on develop your ability to succeed on each chosen path.

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